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  • Train and facilitate your collective bargaining team in the process and behaviors of interest-based bargaining

  • Reach higher quality and sustainable solutions

  • Create stronger and lasting relationships between parties

  • Increase attention to your policy issues 


Bargaining Logics LLC would appreciate the opportunity to work with your bargaining team. Please contact me to discuss the specific needs of your district’s team, create a timeline for effective bargaining, and discuss the costs of this process.

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Interest-based strategies are adaptable to help county governments, municipalities and other organizations develop short and long-term plans or problem-solve situations specific to your organization. Outside facilitation that is well structured and neutral will help all voices to be heard and lead to strong, effective and sustainable outcomes. We can work together to develop effective plans that fit your unique needs. 


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School districts face diverse challenges to meet the needs of educating the youth of their communities. Interest-based bargaining is a systematic approach to negotiation that integrates a deliberate process, supported by specific behaviors that build and sustain relationships for strong long-lasting solutions. Effective facilitation is essential to support the parties' journey through the process.

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Using interest-based bargaining effectively requires training of all participants, so they clearly understand communication styles, how to avoid assumptions, the components of the process, and the attitudes and behavioral skills needed to support the process. My training follows a program developed by the North American Educational Negotiators and the National Education Association. Let's connect to customize the level of training your team needs to be successful.


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